PSA Hotmelt

For self adhesive labelsMELTAVIS has a complete range of high-performance pressure sensitive adhesives for all conceivable applications, from low-adhesion to high adhesion and adhesives that can be applied at temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F).


Brightmelt PS 1100
Specially developed for paper or filmic labels with strong permanent adhesion, especially on paper and cardboard. Thanks to its moderate viscosity it is suitable for  intermittent coating.

Brightmelt PS 1225
Designed for the labelling of food packaging made of film or cardboard, even with slightly moist or greasy surfaces. Minimum bonding temperature approx. -5°C.

Brightmelt PS 1229
The all-rounder among pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive for labels. Very good adhesion to a wire variety of surfaces such as cardboard or films with low surface tension. Excellent die-cutting and matrix stripping behavior at high web speeds.

Brightmelt PS 1230
This unique pressure sensitive adhesive is designed for the production of linerless labels, which should be applied at room temperature or at cool temperatures of only approx. 0°C. Particularly noteworthy is the exceptional penetration behavior on thermal papers withour barrier layer. Excellent cutting behavior in scales with auto-cutter.

Brightmelt PS 1340
This hotmelt adhesive is an excellent solution for labels that are applied at very low temperatures far below the freezing point. PS 1340 features an outstanding tack performance in cool conditions down to -25°C and offer a good adhesion to a wide range of packaging films as well as corrugated cardboard.

Brightmelt PS 1407
For removable or repositionable labels with paper or film labels. Low adhesion on various surfaces. Extremely high cohesion and shear force resistance, even at elevated temperatures.



For the production of technical adhesive tapes, self adhesive products in the construction industry or laminations, MELTAVIS offers a wide range of adhesives which is expanding continuously.

Brightmelt PS 2000
General purpose tape grade with very high tack and peel values. Suitable for single- and double-sided tapes, PE- and PU-foam tapes, lamination of EPS foam and many more.

Brightmelt PS 2309 is a hotmelt adhesive for demanding technical applications where, in addition to high tack and peel values, increased demands on cohesion and thermal stability must be satisfied. Thanks to its very good melting behavior and moderate viscosity it is also suitable for the production of eCommerce cartons with self-adhesive seals. 

Brightmelt PS 4320 has a low viscosity of only 5000 mpas at 150°C is perfectly suited for sealing courier bags made of PE film. Exceptionally high initial tack for fast and fast and secure sealing.