UV Hotmelt

UV-curing acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are today an indispensable link between between conventional hotmelt, water-based and solvent-based technologies.


MELTAVIS RC 8050 is the perfect solution for the production of reverse printed no-label-look labels. The UV-curing acrylic adhesive convinces with its transparent inherent color and offers a high initial adhesion especially on surfaces such as OPP and PP.

MELTAVIS RC 8210 for technical tapes or insulation materials. Medium adhesion with high shear force resistance. Temperature resistance of >180°C (SAFT).

MELTAVIS RC 8230 was specially developed for technical adhesive tapes made of polyester fabric. Low VOC values, medium adhesion values combined with high tack and a temperature resistance of >180°C (SAFT).

MELTAVIS RC 8600 is a modified UV-hotmelt for removable or repositionable labels. Medium adhesion is combined with a low adhesion on surfaces such as glass or PET.